Catholic-oriented telephone counseling service

Catholic-oriented telephone counseling service for personal emotional problems
Catholic-oriented telephone counseling service for marriage problems
Catholic-oriented telephone counseling service for family problems

Welcome to Catholic Psychological Consult!

Catholic Psychological Consult is a Catholic-oriented telephone counseling service. The first session is free. The service is designed for mentally healthy people with marital/pre-marital, family or personal emotional problems who do not want to go to a mental health clinic or to a psychologist’s office. Catholic Psychological Consult offers confidential, professional telephone consultation with a licensed Psychologist.

My name is Marshall Fightlin. I am pleased that you have decided to visit Catholic Psychological Consult. Consultations are based on basic principles of Psychology in the light of the Catholic perspective on marriage, family and the human person.

A telephone consultation with Catholic Psychological Consult is not a substitute for face-to-face psychotherapy or counseling with a professional psychiatrist or psychologist. However, it can be an appropriate, cost-effective way to deal with certain marital, family or personal emotional problems.

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